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A few words about us

Balaji Farms and Country Homes No palatial bungalow, with exotic domes A home away from this city manic Serene, quite and comfortably rustic. A pleasure drive on the express way Off the five lanes, you move away Another journey, countryside view For a city dweller, these sights are few Enter the gates, green greetings welcome. A temple on the right, that sure is awesome Jal, Vayu & Prithvi , three of the foursome Akash at a distance, built for the lonesome. An area for the animals – it’s their home Dogs, birds, geese and cattle, you never alone. Bullocks and the elegant horse around the corner, Fishes in pond, their lively neighbor.

Why we are different

A breath of fresh air This scene, truly natural and bare Aroma of food, builds your appetite Dining amongst greenery – a total delight. Sunset, its beauty with dusky grace Colors change to a darker shade Twinkle twinkle the stars to gaze The sky clear, constellations a daze. A winter nights bring in a chill A perfect time to light the grill The bonfire flames dance to thrill Exuding warmth around its frill Paddy, Corn and veggies in line Coconut palms a perfect outline. This family outing not ordinary One of the best trips in your “travel diary” . Your hosts – this family always welcome. Warm and friendly – a normal custom Makes you feel at home on arrival Repeat the experience- you sure will!!!!!!!!!!!

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